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Meet our  
Presiding Prelate

Born in Meridian Mississippi in the early 1960’s God had a purpose on Bishop Adams.  At the age of 14 he was introduced to Christ by Bishop W.F.Lucas who expounded on the word of the Lord. He then united to the church, but did not unite to the Lord until years later. Bishop Adams left home in 1983 to join the U.S. Army and while serving in the military, he had the opportunity to explore several religious faiths which exposed him to different church practices.

He was invited to Co-Pastor a Methodist Church while he lived in Kentucky, but was not a minister at that time and

neither thought of being one.  God was preparing him for what was next to come. After his time in the service. He pondered; "where should I live?” New York, Kentucky, Tennessee or Georgia? Georgia won in the decision.


In 1990 Bishop Adams began assisting several ministers when they were invited out to other churches, but one day a

minister was not able to attend the service and Adams was asked to carry-on in his absence; that day God began to manifest himself. After that event he elected to not go and assist anyone else.

He just stayed around Bishop Lucas and worked in the church by singing in the choir and conducting praise and

worship service. Then in 1991 during convocation, Bishop Lucas invited anyone that felt like the Lord was calling

them into the gospel ministry saying; "Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate your gift"; I noticed that he was looking directly at me.


After a few minutes He proceeded on with the service. Adams then went into the back and was met by one of the ministers who advised that Bishop was referring to him. After that service, Bishop Lucas walked up to Adams and

stated; “The gift is in you and in 1992 Adams was ordained to the ministry for the kingdom of God.

Immediately Adams went around the world (United States: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan,

Milwaukee; Other countries: Africa, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Jamaica, and the Philippines) preaching the

gospel of Christ. Through his travels he (through God) established 19 churches to this day.

In the year 2015 after 41 years in ministry, the Lord relocated him to be the founder of a new fellowship

(Restoration in Christ International Ministries Inc.). With the establishment of this new fellowship his son Pastor G.I. Adams, along with his wife and other members that were ready for an elevation of servitude towards God.

After the inception of the new reformation, the General Council and Board of Deacons made a unanimous decision

to elevate him to the position of Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle of Restoration In Christ International Ministries Inc.


With a total of 19 churches that are under his leadership and with God as his guide,

he will work with all in leading the sheep into green pastures – 

preparing them for eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

Meet our Lead Pastor 

Pastor Gabriel I. Adams was born on in the early 90’s, raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, the product of a Christian

father and mother with holiness as the lifestyle. In his early years of life, he was used in a dynamic way for the

Lord—singing, giving remarks, and preaching at age 8— it changed his life for the better.

Growing up Pastor G.I. Adams was often told stories of how his mother would read the bible to him in her womb,

exposing him to the spirituality. Six weeks after his birth, he was anointed and prayed for by Bishop W.F. Lucas; as

Gabriel was held, Bishop Lucas uttered these words “This is a little preacher,” Other spiritual leaders would say;

“This boy has a gift, he will be a preacher some day and the gospel will be spread.” from that time it seemed as if

that he was destined for the ministry. He believes that God has been his inlet and outlet since he was conceived.

At the age of 8, Pastor G.I. ventured into the communities and schools preaching and singing with his cousin by his

side as his reader and support system. He first started in his neighborhood compelling them to turn their lives over to




At 13 years of age he preached his first sermon to a mass group, being ordained of God; at age 18 he was licensed to

spread the gospel around the world, that same year he started his first semester at Morehouse College and became a

chaplain assistant under the direction of Rev. Dr. Dean Lawrence Carter. As he attended Morehouse College he

started ministries on campus (Panel Study and Lighthouse Christian Ministries) where collegiate students could experience and build a relationship with God.

He decided to go into the highways and hedges to encourage those who were less fortunate. Going to

homeless shelters and bridges feeding God’s children naturally and spiritually. This gave him a mission to Restore,

Revive, and Transform. He then established an organization named IMPACT, giving the youth an opportunity to

join him and experience what it is like to minister to those who are not as privileged as themselves.

At age 21 he became the Assistant Pastor of Deliverance Temple in Austell, GA as he assisted he was commissioned

to travel back and forth every Thursday to Lamar County (Thomaston, GA) to preach the gospel, while doing such

every Monday he would lead his campus ministries and IMPACT ministries, he has been faithful to the ministry

from his ministerial inception. Pastor G.I has help other ministers in the gospel and their churches reach higher heights.


In 2015 Pastor G.I transitioned to another organization -- Restoration in Christ International Ministries, Inc.

under the leadership of Chief Apostle Gregory Adams Sr. 

Overseer G.I. is now going on 21 years in the ministry. 

Overseer G.I.Adams earned his Masters of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University and his drive to build the body of Christ has been aspiring. 


Pastor G.I is a young man doing all he can to build the body of Christ and wishes to change lives

across the globe. His purpose is to spread the message of authenticity while impacting lives through freedom, faith, and fine arts. His vision for his Church is for everyone to reach their full potential and

to stand fast in the liberty in which God has made us free.

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